İcra Ve İflas Hukuku


  • Follow-up of all legal proceedings for the collection of receivables based on promissory notes,
  • Legal consultancy on the resolution of all kinds of disputes related to the general loan agreements of banks and transactions such as account balance arising from these agreements,
  • Legal counselling for invalidation of transaction cases.
  • Rooted knowledge and experience in the Banking Law No. 5411, the procedures and principles regarding the collection of privileged receivables such as fund and treasury receivables, and debt restructuring with asset management companies,
  • Tracking the judicial process of drawing bounced check.
  • Tracking the process of sequestration , warrant of attachment , hostage , hypothec, and converting seized goods into cash.
  • All legal transaction for check account and collecting of invoice based credit.
  • Remodeling the situations like concordatum, bankruptcy, suspension of bankruptcy , debt restructuring , financal restructuring, financal restructring and restructuring at finance and operating model.
  • Case for annulment of objection and negative declaratory case,
  • Follow-up of cases related to crimes in enforcement and bankruptcy law.