Rekabet Hukuku


Özgün Hukuk has focused on the following subjects in this field within the framework of the aim of competition law “preventing, distorting or restricting competition in the goods and services markets, and preventing the abuse of this dominance by the undertakings that dominate the market, ensuring the protection of competition by making the necessary regulations and inspections.”
  • Compensation in disputes arising Code On The Protection Of Competition and other codes
  • Representation of client companies in competition cases before Turkish courts, follow up on competition violations,
  • Guiding clients concerning to competition/dominant position regulations, rules and policies,
  • Agreements restricting competition, claims and defenses related to abuse of dominant position, preliminary researches and investigations,
  • Merger and take over notices,
  • Negative determination/exemption applications and consultancy on regulations preventing the establishment of all kinds of monopolies,
  • Global repentance applications support.